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Less than 25% of organizations make use of Project Management software. As a result, 9.9% of every dollar is squandered due to poor project performance. Effective PM software usage can save project teams hours per day.

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Rocket Project can help simplify workflows by providing a centralized platform for managing tasks, deadlines, and resources. With Rocket Project, you can easily track progress, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources more efficiently. To create an efficient workflow, you can follow these four steps:

  1. Outline the major steps of your project: Determine the critical points or phases of your project from start to finish.
  2. Outline the tasks needed to complete each step: Identify the steps needed to complete each phase of the project.
  3. Create workflows for each task on the list: Link steps together in a logical sequence. Break down each step individually and identify what needs to be accomplished to complete the task.
  4. Organize and optimize your list: Remove redundancies and ensure that each task flows logically from one to the next.

By following these steps, you can establish an efficient workflow and reap the benefits of doing so, such as improved productivity, better communication, and more effective resource allocation. 

Rocket Project can help you manage your suppliers and expenses. Add a supplier by filling in their name, address, and contact details on the supplier’s admin page. If your supplier charges sales tax, you can enter the details in the sales tax section. Once you have added a supplier, you can link expenses to them by choosing the supplier and project you want to link the expense to, and then adding the line items for the expense. You have the option to require admin authorization on expenses, the user will be prompted to request authorization before the expense is marked as live. Rocket Project also allows you to set a value limit on expenses that require authorization. 

To generate a new quote, navigate to > Quotes and click the New Quote/Estimate button. You will be directed to a modal window where you can enter the required information, such as the client’s name, address, and contact details, as well as the start and end dates of the project. You can also choose a template for your project terms and conditions. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click Save to create the quote. You can view all the quotes and estimates you have generated by navigating to > Quotes. Here, you will see a list of all the quotes and estimates you have added, along with their corresponding statuses. If a client accepts a quote, it will be converted into a project.

Rocket Project offers a bespoke client dashboard to enable clients to access select elements of the project. The client dashboard is a secure and special place that allows you to create a dedicated area for clients. It provides a modern and easy-to-use system that makes it easier for clients to get an update on the project 24/7. The client dashboard has been specifically designed to enable clients to view all project-related quotes, invoices, projects, tasks, and support tickets. Clients can efficiently work on the dashboard and update their details and photo in the dashboard. Add a client by filling in their details on the client’s admin page. You can view all the clients you have added by navigating to > Clients.

Rocket Project offers a Kanban Board to help you visualize and manage your project tasks more efficiently. The Kanban board enables you to view, organize, and edit tasks and subtasks of your project, making it easier for you to access the progress of your projects and take appropriate action accordingly. To access the Kanban board, go to My Work > Kanban Board. Here you will see all the tasks and sub-tasks present inside project milestones. You can drag and drop each task to change their status, set their estimated time, change the assignee, and even edit the time entries. The Kanban board has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, allowing you to edit the tasks and subtasks according to your requirements. 

In Rocket Project, you can use the milestone cost and invoice to keep track of the project financials. When you create a project milestone, it is possible for you to insert an initial estimate cost into the cost input for the milestone. After all the tasks within a milestone have been completed, you will be able to edit the milestone and add in the final cost. These costs will be recorded in the project financials metabox, which can be found when you edit a project and scroll down the webpage. You will be able to use these as a reference for invoicing your client. The amount paid by your client will be reflected in the Received: entry. All invoices related to this project will be listed down in the Project Invoices metabox. To create an invoice, the project admin can visit the dashboard and under the “My Invoice” tab, create an invoice to get started. Creating invoices through the portal makes it easy for the admin as well as the client to keep track of the payments, manage and monitor them on the go

Rocket Project has an internal messaging system that allows you to communicate with your team members and clients. You can enable this system for everyone or limit it to your team members only. To enable the messaging system, log in to your PTO admin dashboard and go to Settings -> Messaging System. You can also edit the message email template from this page. The messaging system is a great way to keep everyone in the loop and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Rocket Project has a support ticket system that allows clients to raise support tickets with the help of the support ticket system. A support ticket is a document that records the interaction between a customer and a customer support team or service representative. It allows businesses to create, update and resolve their customers’ issues. When a customer submits an issue, a service ticket is created and shared amongst the service representative and customer. Support tickets are extremely obliging for customers, the support team, and businesses. For customers/clients to raise support tickets means an efficient, individualized way of communicating with a support team to get their issues ironed out. For the support team, tickets provide trackable inventory which means you can track the progress of every single ticket through its ticket id. It makes the process of updating customer information simpler and accessible. The support ticket system stores, organizes and manages all customer inquiries in one centralized location.

Rocket Project has a granular Roles & Permissions matrix that allows an admin to create varied roles with extra permissions that can be assigned to new and existing Team Members. By default, Team Member roles in Rocket Project have access to their dashboard, their own tasks list, their own calendar, limited permissions in projects that have been assigned to them and limited permissions in tasks that have been assigned to them. The Roles & Permissions matrix is separated by item type, such as invoices and support tickets. You can create a role and assign it permissions to view and edit support tickets, for example, giving a Team Member access to that part of the system. To access the Roles & Permissions page, click the Roles & Permissions link under the Teams menu item in the admin menu. The client role is built-in and has fixed permissions, so you cannot control client permissions here. Roles & Permissions provides you access to granular Roles & Permissions matrix allowing the admin to create varied roles with extra permissions that can be assigned to new and existing Team Members

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