Business Coach

Shawn Futterer

Global Head of Service Operations

How I can help

Preparing for leadership

We will discuss what organizations need from leaders. How to effectively balance the accountability for work being accomplished, with inspiring employees.

Project & Program Management

We will discuss how you develop the skills necessary to lead through influence. as well as developing systems, tools and methodologies to support your business.

Professional Development

My personal favorite, we will discuss your career goals and begin putting together a comprehensive development plan with an aim to accelerate your career trajectory.

My Story

I am a Global Leader and Coach with 25+ years of expertise in Field Service Operations, Strategy, Leadership, Sales and Business Development. I pride myself on a keen ability to not only identify, analyze, troubleshoot issues and strategize growth plans, but also to lead and manage the execution of those plans while always laser-focused on profitable growth. These abilities, coupled with an open and inclusive leadership philosophy, have led me to tackle assignments in multiple industries and having led organizations from start up to $1B, as well as teams of 450+ people.

I have been fortunate to have  successfully navigated a wide range of highly complex situations including: Restructures, New Strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions, Political Instability, Digital Transformation, ERP Transitions, and Aggressive Growth Plan Execution to name just a few. It was with a cool head, a steady hand, an eye for analytics, and an even leadership temperament that I converted these challenges into high-growth results.

More recently, I have channeled my focus toward Coaching & Mentoring young professionals. I have advised and coached on professional development, strategy, leadership, transformation, as well as structure and operational execution. The inspiring results fuel my passion to further help individuals & companies reach their full potential.

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